Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Best Pee-Eve (PEEVE) Ever!!! Drew

This last week has been so crazy. It first started out on Thursday when i was in a lesson teaching an investigator, and i received the gift of tongues. I knew what i wanted to say and i said it. It was the coolest thing ever. i know that all of your prayers are helping me out significantly.

Friday came and we got a package with tons of stuff from home. Thanks mom and dad for all that you get us from the outside world for us. The Isagenix helps a lot and I've lost weight hahah, if you can believe that. I have been running every day about 2 miles and play volleyball. I've gotten pretty mean at it. Really good at setting and spiking with team work. Also the coat that i Received is the best coat I've ever had and it keeps me so warm thanks again mom and dad. 

On Fridays we have our set 3 hours for service but we do ours on Tuesdays so we get a mini p-day after p-day. This week a maintenance guy gave my bed a needed improvement and overall the room needs work. its hard because i am the only one who cleans and tidies up. I spent a whole hour cleaning there stuff up and re arranging the room. Lets just say it looks Amazing. I love that day because it is some more time to let your brain cool down and catch some much needed sleep for the others, i hate how much we sleep here, and how we have to go to bed early. everyone in Collins district( my brother) doesn't like how early i get up and even my own. they love to sleep and waste time. I feel like waking up in the morning gives you so much time, and too yourself. Its nice to clear your head and think about life and what is going on.

So Saturday was an interesting day in of itself. We got some fiber optic Christmas trees thank you mom. You are so good to get us what ever is needed. So i came back from picking up a package with elder Reece and Carr, and when i got back my door was shut and i didnt have my keys to get in. So i knocked on the door and asked if i could come in, and i just heard someone say NO!!!!! This annoyed me a bit and i brushed it off, but i walked out to the stair well and sarcastically yelled a word in Russian that means why?. I turned around and the zone leader leader was standing there yelling at me and said at the top of his lungs " If i ever here that word again we are going to have a problem!"  I had no idea what he was talking about. Then he went in and continued to talk to my companion. Then i set up a couch and foot rest outside the door and waited. when he opened the door i said can i come into my own room now? I never liked him or his comp so i was happy they were leaving the next day, like a mini Christmas.

Sunday, fast Sunday, It was amazing and i had a lot of personal revelation. It was nice to feel like i was in wrestling again with the whole not eating thing. It wasn't even hard at all, and every time i eat i think why am i eating this and wow this is bad for me but who cares. We had sirloin steak for dinner it was more of a dry roast lets be honest here, but it was good and it was food.  The devotional had a profound closing line which is" May we remember our generous Heavenly Father this Christmas who gave us wings to fly." I thought that is a very profound line. Know that i will be thinking of you all this Christmas season. 

Monday was a good day for me. I love my teachers and know that they love me so very much. They teach us 1 on 1 if we dont get something and you can see it in their eyes that they actually care. You can see it in their actions and how they are willing to help us learn anything. Then when i went to lunch Elder Reece told me that he had top go to a meeting in the middle of class which means its important, and he didnt eat. When we got back to our residence hall, usually i am in shorts and a t-shirt in 20 seconds and talking with people. That night i felt the need to stay in my suite when i walked into my room. I walked out into our common area and Elder Reece asked me to come sit and talk. He had all 17 other elders come and listen. He said I though that he was telling us that a family member died and was he was going home, but he told us that his mom found out she has breast cancer. Would you keep her in your prayers? (Wendy Reece) He wanted to tell all of us so people didnt ask around, he wanted everyone to know. Then he said that he wanted a blessing, and he turned and asked if Elder Hawkins would do it, I thought he was talking about Collin but he was looking at me. We all stood up and put a chair down. I was ready to bless him with oil. Bring in the big guns, but i got shut down with that, mostly i was so nervous i wasn't thinking. This was a big task, and very important. We had 17 Elders in the circle, that's more than how many ordain the prophet, and the spirit was incredibly strong. When I began to speak The power of God Flowed through me when i spoke. God spoke through me! I know this to be true!! I could feel the spirit so intensely  that my body began to shake. I felt as if my body was glowing while i gave that Blessing. I dont know what I said, i guess that's one of the trade offs for giving it. I began to tear up and cry and i didnt know what i was saying. I know that my mouth was moving, But God was speaking through me. After the blessing all were crying and the spirit was so strong. No one  would say anything about the blessing, but i more than a few come up and say that it was the most powerful blessing they have been a part of or heard. I know that it wasn't my word, I know that god spoke to elder Reece Through me, I know this and would defend that to my grave. The one thing and only thing that i remember from it was that i promised him that he would be reunited with his family after his mission was done. I boast of my God and not of me or any man, but of him. That through him, and by him anything and all things are possible. God puts those people in your path for a reason, and i believe this was why i became such good friends with him since he got here. I was someone he could turn to in his moment of need. That is all of us with Jesus Christa and God! They are who we need to turn to in our hour of need. When the time to act is at hand the time to prepare is gone. I thank My parents for preparing me to act in this moment and to be prepared to bless the lives of those who turn to me and that i will find. I know this to be true. I love my God and Know him so very well. He knows us That I testify of and always knows what we are capable of handling and going through. I love you all ELDER HAWKINS

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