Saturday, January 2, 2016

Drew's Emails

December 9, 2015

Today i got to host new missionaries kind of made me sad to see them like that, and thought i was there at some point. I love it here and will be on a bit later i love you all. I will be sending letters

so yesterday was an interesting turn of events. actually the last few days have been a bit strange. i haven't had dinner since Sunday, found myself alone and naked outside my door with no way to get in, and Elder Reece got to see his family.well with that let me explain.

I went on an inter district split with Habel and Reece because i wanted to take a longer shower. We got out of the shower, and i headed to my room. I looked up and saw that my door was shut. I figured Elder Wallace had left it propped open like always. I walked up and gave the door a push and it was locked. I found myself in a bit of a pickle. It was me just in a towel and Habel. Neither of us could leave because hey i didnt have clothes and earlier that day someone shut our door while both of us were outside and so Wallace had the extra key from the front desk, and he was at choir. Things couldn't of been going worse. we tried picking the lock and i got the pins to lock but couldn't get the lock to turn. We tried sliding credit cards to push the lock, and even engineered some crazy stuff that i was pretty sure would open it. after an hour we accepted defeat.:( I had no where else to turn so i literally wore everyone elses clothes.   I wore Elder Reeces garments, suite pants, and Shirt. I wore Elder Habels socks and shoes. White nikes that say ball is life on them. And i wore elder reeces moms boyfriends belt. Oh and Elder ISOM's tie. Beggars cant be choosers, i found that out. When we went to the devotional everyone was looking at me like i was crazy, and i just about got kicked out by this Australian guy because i didnt have tags, suite coat or black shoes on. it was so crazy.

Then we went to district devotional review, my branch president wasn't the happiest man on earth, actually rather upset. I explained to him what happened and he seemed not to care. Then his councilor brother fristnick laughed so hard i thought he was going to die. it was suck a fun p-day eve. We haven't had dinner the last 2 days so i dont really know whats going on.

on that note i decided today for 20-25 min to figure out how to open theese doors with what i had. Oh boy did Habel and i do it.

1st- tie floss to envelope through hole
2-put through crack over top of door
drop to ground
3- pull it through bottom of door by hanger (wire)
4- make a loop of cord from a vaccume
5-tie floss on it, pull it up from under the door with the floss over the top  until you jiggle it on the door knob. 
6-rest it on the knob
7- give her a yank and shes open.. simple as that

my record is 3 min 36 sec

never will i be locked out again i made sure of that.

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