Wednesday, November 25, 2015

All Is Well-Drew

 This week has been amazing. I got a calling for Sunday, Collin (my Brother) get to greet people as they come into sacrament meeting that's awesome. My language is coming along great and i Know that we learn through our trials. I know that the more that we love other people and help them, the more that we feel the saviors love. This week when we taught Jose from Guatemala he had questions that id never thought about before, and also some that i have experienced in my life. I had words put into my mouth and new exactly what to say, and i know that these are blessing from heaven. We are God's children and he knows each and everyone of our thoughts and feelings. he knows what we are going through and what we are feeling.

I know that this week i have learned how to pray more sincerely and with real intent. talk to God as if you were speaking to a friend or parent. He will immediately comfort you and let you know what you need to do, or how to get through your trials. I know that we sacrifice much or even just a little, and the lord gives us blessings ten fold. He is looking for reasons to bless us and help us not take away blessings and leave us out to dry. He loves you as do i. Know that I pray for you all. God Speed.

Love Elder Hawkins
AKA the older

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